Devotional Books

MB Seminary Devotional Books

MB Seminary works together with Mennonite Brethren national and provincial leaders, pastors, and others from Mennonite Brethren churches around the world to produce devotional books that are beneficial for families and individuals. These devotional books are produced for the Easter (Lent) and Christmas (Advent) seasons. The Scripture texts are sometimes taken from the Revised Common Lectionary, and other times the devotional book will explore a book of the Bible or a different collection of specific Scripture texts.

MB Seminary has made devotional books available in a few different ways in the past, both hard copy and digital copies, and are continually looking for the best ways to make these books accessible for our Mennonite Brethren family and beyond. Christmas 2017 is now available! Download the book on Amazon Kindle for $3.99. Stay tuned for “Follow Me” (Lent 2018) which is coming soon!


“I can’t believe how quickly the MB Seminary devotional books disappear. For a few years now, we’ve provided these for our congregation as a way to be intentional as they prepare for Christmas or Easter, and folks snap them up! Some read them as families around the table, others for their individual reading. Accessible, practical, thoughtful―they’ve been a resource we’ve appreciated.”

Rod Schellenberg
Lead Pastor, Hepburn MB Church
Hepburn, SK

2018 – Easter

Follow Me: Easter Devotions is currently in production and will be made available for purchase in digital format on Amazon Kindle and paperback format by ordering through MB Seminary. “Follow Me” will explore the entire Gospel of Mark with 47 devotionals written by MB family members in Canada, USA, Germany, Lithuania, Brazil, and Colombia!

More details coming soon!

2017 – Christmas

Jesus Messiah: Christmas Devotions is a devotional book arranged by MB Seminary for families and individuals who want to take time for reflection during the Christmas season. Although Advent begins on December 3, 2017, Jesus Messiah begins December 1 and ends December 31. Readers will enjoy reflections from the Old Testament that will emphasize God’s call, God’s heart, and God’s promise to redeem. Traditional Christmas readings from Luke’s Gospel and Matthew’s Gospel will remind the reader of the amazing story of the birth of Jesus and even the stories that followed his birth. Thirty-one different authors from the Mennonite Brethren family across Canada have written these devotionals for you, your families, and friends to enjoy this Christmas season.

2017 – Easter

Believe is an Easter devotional book of 47 reflections the Mennonite Brethren family across Canada, covering the entire Gospel of John. Craig Keener writes, “Throughout John’s Gospel, many people become initial believers, but their initial faith proves insufficient without perseverance. John’s goal is not simply initial faith but persevering faith, discipleship. John’s purpose is to address believers at a lesser stage of discipleship and to invite them to persevere as true disciples” (Craig Keener, The Gospel of John, 1216).

Keener’s insight of a persevering faith is at the heart of why MB Seminary is offering this resource. Whether you call it the “season of Lent” or “the weeks leading up to Easter,” we invite you to take the time to read through the Gospel of John and believe.

2016 – Christmas

As We Wait is an Advent devotional book with 29 reflections from the Mennonite Brethren family across Canada. Scripture texts for each reflection were taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. The title “as we wait” carries an unfinished sentiment that invites the reader to anticipate the coming of Jesus in active ways that are consistent with what we are truly waiting for, thus the non-traditional cover (getting your hands dirty). The four themes that our contributors explored and reflected on are: Watch, Prepare, Proclaim, and Worship.

2015 – Christmas

Hear The Story is a four-week (27 day), family-friendly devotional book that uses the Scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. The traditional themes of the Advent season guide the emphasis of each of the four weeks: hope, peace, joy and love. Each week the flow of the biblical texts allows for the readership to experience a movement from Old Testament prophesies and/or promises to New Testament fulfillment in Christ. All 27 reflections are written by our Mennonite Brethren family across Canada. We hope you enjoy hearing the story all over again.


2015 – Easter

Waiting For The Resurrection is a collection of readings for the season of Lent. Beginning Ash Wednesday, these 47 devotionals will guide the reader through various thoughts and reflections leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Each Sunday provides the reader a pause from the Revised Common Lectionary Scripture texts with a poem or reading from various authors.

The free PDF download is the 2016 reprint version of this devotional book.