Devotional Books

MB Seminary works together with our national constituency to develop devotional readings for the seasons of Easter (Lent) and Christmas (Advent). Each writer serves within an MB church or agency. The chosen Scriptures either span a book of the Bible or are taken from the Revised Common Lectionary.

“Thank you for the opportunity to share in these Scripture-targeted reflections. I have used the devotionals for as long as they have been available, and continue to appreciate the open door to God’s heart which their words often provide. Thank you, Seminary, for leading the way in this respect!

Leila Hoffman
Highland MB Church, Calgary, AB

2020 – Advent

Our 2020 Advent Devotions resource will feature 27 daily devotions to guide you through the Christmas season (Nov 29-Dec 25). Each reading will incorporate a biblical text and a reflection from an author from an MB church in Canada. You can receive the daily email during the Advent season by subscribing to our Daily Devotions list.

2020 – Easter

Our Easter Devotions book was a free digital resource made available by subscribing to our Daily Devotions list. The readings took participants through the Gospel of Mark over 47 days (Feb 26-Apr 12, 2020).

2019 – Advent

Our Advent 2019 book featured daily devotions from 25 authors across Canada and was made available as an e-book. You can sign up to receive future devotions of the day by subscribing to our Daily Devotions list.

2019 – Easter

Taking Flight was designed for daily use during the season of Lent. Written by 47 individuals from the MB family across Canada, this book led readers through the entire Gospel of John from Ash Wednesday (March 6) until Easter Sunday (April 21).

Many of these devotions were previously published in MB Seminary’s 2017 book called Believe, but this updated edition featured seven new entries and numerous revisions.

2018 – Advent

Our 2018 Advent book led readers through 24 daily readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (December 2-25). The devotions were written by member of our MB family from across Canada. Thanks to the visionary generosity of a financial supporter of MB Seminary, ten complimentary copies of this book were sent to every MB church in Canada.