Online Courses

Online classes with MB Seminary feature a dynamic learning community where learners explore content and engage in meaningful interactions with one another, without the schedule and location restraints of traditional classrooms.

If you are already registered in a degree program at MB Seminary at ACTS Seminaries or CMU, please register for online courses as you normally would through the university campus at which it is hosted (TWU or CMU).

If you are a new student to MB Seminary, please APPLY before registering, or register through the QUICK APP process .

*The course fee of $400 is available only to members of MB churches in Canada for those registered with MB Seminary. See the eligibility form for more details.

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Brian Cooper, PhD

Director of Student Development
Assistant Professor of Theology

THS 691 – MB Convictions

Online Course Only

SEMESTER: Fall 2017

CAMPUS: Langley (online course only)


Mark Wessner, PhD

President, MB Seminary
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership

PTH 691 – Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders

Christian spiritual formation is a popular concept that stems from ancient roots. This introductory course will invite students to explore the nature of their own spiritual formation as well as introduce beliefs and practices of formation and community from Christian traditions of spirituality. Students will discover a variety of ancient and modern Christian spiritual practices that encourage a Biblical and holistic approach to life. Throughout the course, participants will explore specific theological and practical frameworks to evaluate their own spiritual health and ministry leadership.

SEMESTER: Spring 2017

CAMPUS: Langley