Distance Learning

Distance learning provides an engaging course experience without the need to travel to a classroom. MB Seminary offers three distance learning options:

  • ACTS World Campus courses allow you to earn an master’s degree eight-weeks at a time. Each class features professionally-developed video and course content from leading experts that you can access anytime from anywhere. Forum discussions enhance learning and promote deep and meaningful discussions with your peers. These courses are available to MB Seminary students enroled at the ACTS consortium.
  • MB Seminary online courses are specifically designed to help you fulfill your degree requirements without needing to travel to a different location. Instead of using recorded lectures (like the ACTS World Campus), these courses use online meetings and forum discussions to facilitate student reflection and learning. These courses are available to MB Seminary students from any partner school.
  • Live-stream courses provide you with the sights and sounds of the classroom while your class is in session. As a live-streaming student, you will be able to enable your camera and microphone to interact with your professor and classmates. Courses are offered via live-stream through the ACTS consortium and CMU (each school uses “LS” in the course number to denote live-stream).

If you will be studying outside of Canada, please read about how to become an international student.