How to Apply

Admission to MB Seminary is processed through our partner institutions, Associated Canadian Theological Schools or Canadian Mennonite University. We are ready to assist you through each step of your educational journey. Please contact Kevin O’Coin, ACTS Graduate Enrolment Advisor or Mitch Krohn, CMU Graduate Admissions.

1) Select a Program

In partnership with Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Canadian Mennonite University, MB Seminary offers a variety of graduate degree and diploma programs. Some students are clear about what degree they wish to achieve early in their application process, others prefer to take some time before they commit to a program. Potential students have the option of taking up to 12 credit hours prior to declaring your chosen degree program. This is a great way to register for a course or to try out seminary.

2) Apply to MB Seminary

After you have selected a program, your next step is to select the campus where the program is offered. To be admitted to MB Seminary, you will complete an application to either Associated Canadian Theological Schools (Trinity Western University) or Canadian Mennonite University (Graduate School of Theology and Ministry) and select MB Seminary as your seminary of choice. Potential students must meet the admissions requirements of the institutions they will be attending, which typically include:

• A completed undergraduate degree (BA, BSc, BBA etc.) with Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5-3.0
• References
• Faith statement
• Letter of intent
• For international students, a TOEFL score of 100 (IBT)

When you receive your degree, it will be conferred conjointly between MB Seminary and either Trinity Western University or Canadian Mennonite University.

As a student of MB Seminary, you have the option to register for courses in Langley or Winnipeg. If you are taking courses from “the other” campus, we simply transfer the credits to the campus you will be graduating from. Students adhere to the transfer credit policies established by their chosen campus.

To apply to MB Seminary, click here.

3) Your Application Review

Your application will be reviewed when all of the required documents including academic transcripts, references, personal profile statement and any other information the admissions department may deem necessary is received. The review process generally takes 2-4 weeks.

4) Notification and Admission

You will be advised if further information or clarification is needed. An offer of admission from our partner institutions will be sent via email followed by a hard copy of the letter to your mailing address.