Defusing the Theological Minefield of the Old Testament

Pierre Gilbert, PhD

Associate Dean
Associate Professor of Bible and Theology

BTS-5080M – Defusing the Theological Minefield of the Old Testament

This course will examine the Old Testament from a theological perspective. The primary objective of the course is to articulate the notion of a theological centre and to verify how it is expressed in its various parts. This centre will be used as a principle of integration for the diversity of phenomena attested in the Hebrew Bible, as well as to facilitate the discussion of its theological and pastoral relevance. In addition, we will examine some of the Old Testament’s most critical issues such as creation, covenant, law, war, the sacrificial system, etc. Students will be challenged to develop their hermeneutical skills with regard to the literary specificity of the major sections of the Old Testament (Law, Prophets and Writings).

Course dates: January 7-April 5, 2019 (Mondays) from 14:30-17:15 (CDT)
Available onsite or via live-stream

DATES: Jan 7-Apr 5, 2019

LOCATION: CMU (Winnipeg) or via live-stream



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