CHP 630/THS 630 (cross-listed) Biblical & Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy

Gloria Woodland, DMin 

Director of Chaplaincy Program
Assistant Professor of Chaplaincy Studies and Spiritual Care 

CHP 630 – Biblical & Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy 

As the first of two foundational chaplaincy/spiritual care courses, this class recognizes that the practice of contemporary chaplaincy has been enriched by lessons from the human and behavioral sciences, while ensuring that the pastoral practice of chaplaincy is rooted in the foundational disciplines of biblical and theological studies. Students will be challenged to consider how pastoral practice is responsibly informed by biblical, theological and traditional perspectives. Concepts of hope, community and compassion will be examined. Because a professional chaplain ministers in a pluralistic society, a key emphasis will be on how to carry an evangelical imperative in a public ministry context.

DATES: Fall 2019 (modular class) and Sep 3-Oct 26 (online)

LOCATION: ACTS Seminaries (Langley) and ACTS World Campus (online)