Power, Change & Conflict

Randy Wollf, PhD

Director of ACTS World Campus
Associate Professor of Practical Theology & Leadership Studies

CLD 532 – Power, Change & Conflict

Power relationships and the need for change exist in all organizations. Change often upsets delicate power balances and can result in conflict. As organizations attempt to respond to change, leaders must understand the role of power in the change process and how to mobilize the power of leadership in a healthy and godly manner. Conflict can arise for many reasons, but often accompanies the transitions that result from change. Few interpersonal exchanges have as much catalytic potential for good as healthy conflict. By addressing and transforming their conflicts, individuals and groups of people develop an internal rigor, enhance mutual understanding, sharpen their mandates and deal proactively with important issues in their lives.

Course dates: Mar 1 – Apr 24, online, via ACTS World Campus

DATES: Mar 1 – Apr 24, 2021

LOCATION: Online via ACTS World Campus


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