Immerse Master of Divinity


Immerse is a four-year Master of Divinity program that engages you within a local ministry context for a journey of biblical and theological reflection, skill development and personal growth, helping you build the character and knowledge essential to ministry leadership.

What’s Different About Immerse?

Immerse integrates biblical and theological knowledge with leader­ship skills and real-world application. Unlike a traditional MDiv program, Immerse trains and equips you within a church setting and allows you to customize your program to tailor-fit your ministry practice and life calling.

Competency-Based Learning Model

Live out your academic assignments in the context of your life and ministry through the Immerse competency-based learning model. Guided by a team of mentors, work through a series of carefully-crafted learning experiences that help you accumulate and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and character required in ministry leadership.

Partnership with the Church

Immerse is based on partnership between ACTS Seminaries, denominational networks and local churches working together to develop effective curriculum, mentor students through the program and ultimately, endorse graduates for positions of pastoral influence. Immerse is also offered through unique teaching church partnerships such as Northview Community Church.

Immerse features:
• Contextual program delivery
• Intentional partnerships with ministries and mentors
• Opportunities for hands-on learning
• Educational evaluation based on mastery of outcomes
• Integration of biblical and theological knowledge with life application in ministry
• Completion of Master of Divinity degree

For more information about the Immerse Master of Divinity program, please contact:

Dr. Brian Cooper
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