Graduate Certificates

You can earn a graduate certificate in just four courses! A certificate in Biblical Foundations, Christian Foundations or Ministry Foundations will accelerate your growth or give you a jump start on a degree program (each course meets a degree requirement).

The format for these courses can be online (8-week format through the ACTS World Campus), in-person (semester long through ACTS Seminaries), or modular (one-week intensive through ACTS Seminaries), depending on current availability.

Biblical Foundations (12 credits)

Biblical Interpretation (BIB 505) – 3 credits

Old Testament Foundations (BIB 520) – 3 credits

New Testament Foundations (BIB 540) – 3 credits

Biblical Studies Elective (BIB/BOT/BNT) – 3 credits

Christian Foundations (12 credits)

Theology 1/2/3 (THS 571/671/672) – 3 credits

History 1/2 (HIS 540/541) – 3 credits

Christianity and Culture (THS 680) – 3 credits

Theology/ Church History Elective (THS/HIS) – 3 credits

Ministry Foundations (12 credits)

Biblical Interpretation (BIB 505) – 3 credits

Evangelism and Faith Formation (PTH 613) – 3 credits

Christian Leadership Development (CLD 510) – 3 credits

Ministry Elective (PTH/CHM/CHP/CLD) – 3 credits

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