Upcoming Faculty Courses

MB Seminary offers graduate courses across many disciplines taught by our faculty. Use the table below to sort through current course offerings. Please note that an online course refers to a class with no physical location whereas a live-stream course is a class with a physical location that is also available by simultaneously streaming online.

TopicLevelCourse NameInstructorLocationDate
TheologyTHS 571 OLTheology ICooper, BrianACTS World Campus 2019/09/03-2019/10/26
TheologyTHS 671 ATheology IICooper, BrianLangley2019/09/04-2019/12/03
TheologyTHS 671 LSTheology IICooper, BrianLive-Stream2019/09/04-2019/12/03
TheologyTHS 691 MBMB ConvictionsCooper, BrianOnline2019/09/04-2019/12/03
Practical TheologyBTS 5331MIssues in Congregational LeadershipDyck, AndrewWinnipeg2019/09/11-2019/12/09
Practical TheologyBTS 5310MPrayerDyck, AndrewWinnipeg2019/09/04-2019/12/18
Practical TheologyBTS 5310MPrayerDyck, AndrewLive-Stream2019/09/04-2019/12/18
Practical TheologyBTS 5310MAnabaptist SpiritualityDyck, AndrewWinnipeg2019/06/03-2019/06/07
HistoryHIS 745Christianity and Canadian CultureGuenther, BruceLangley2019/10/21-2019/10/25
Biblical StudiesB 6210OT Leadership & Spiritual FormationWessner, MarkSaskatoon2019/10/28-2019/10/31
LeadershipCLD 510 AFoundations of Christian LeadershipWollf, RandyLangley2019/09/12-2019/09/13
LeadershipCLD 510 LSFoundations of Christian LeadershipWollf, RandyLive-Stream2019/09/12-2019/09/13
LeadershipCLD 510 OLFoundations of Christian LeadershipWollf, RandyACTS World Campus2019/09/03-2019/10/26
LeadershipCLD 533 OLMentoring, Team-Building & EquippingWollf, RandyACTS World Campus2019/10/28-2019/12/21
Church MinistryPTH 600 APastoral FormationWollf, RandyLangley2019/10/03-2019/10/04
Church MinistryPTH 600 LSPastoral FormationWollf, RandyLive-Stream2019/10/03-2019/10/04
Spiritual CareCHP 540 APastoral Care for Dying, Grief and LossWoodland, GloriaLangley2019/10/21-2019/10-25
Spiritual CareCHP 630 OLBiblical & Theological Foundations of ChaplaincyWoodland, GloriaACTS World Campus2019/09/07-2019/10/26
Spiritual CareTHS 630 OLTheology of Pastoral CareWoodland, GloriaACTS World Campus2019/09/07-2019/10/26
Spiritual CareCHP 691Distinctives of Spiritual Care for the Elderly and Those at the End of LifeWoodland, GloriaLangley2020/01/27-2020/01/31