Navigating Power & Conflict

Randy Wollf, PhD 

Associate Professor of Leadership Studies & Practical Theology
Academic Dean

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How can leaders make the most of power and conflict? Leaders often feel confused or even paralyzed by the power dynamics around them. How can they strengthen their capacity to recognize and use power in productive ways? In addition, leaders often encounter conflict. Few interpersonal exchanges have as much catalytic potential for transformation as healthy conflict. Yet, how can we best manage it? This course will help you enhance your ability to navigate power and conflict in ways that move people and organizations toward reaching their full potential.

Ready to dive in? Choose from one of three learning options below: enrol for graduate credit (begin by applying to become a graduate student), register for continuing education, or attend the teaching intensive for personal interest.

You can earn graduate credit by enrolling in our Ministry Transformation Certificate program and successfully completing each Ministry Transformation course. To qualify, you will need to apply and be accepted as a graduate student at MB Seminary. In addition to attending the Teaching Intensive, each course also has required readings and assignments that need to be completed over the term. In some partnership contexts, the course schedule is designed to run sequentially and can be completed within one academic year. Once you have successfully completed all four courses, you will receive our Ministry Transformation Graduate Certificate (worth 12 graduate-level credits). If desired, you can choose to enrol in another Certificate option, a master’s degree program, or explore transferring these graduate credits to another institution.

Graduate Course Enrolment

All leaders are learners, and many people and workplaces recognize the value-added benefit of continuing education. Now you can receive official recognition by integrating ministry and learning together through our Ministry Transformation Continuing Education Certificate. This certificate (and continuing education credit) is achieved in two parts: by attending the Teaching Intensive and by completing an applied ministry assignment. After successfully completing all four courses, you will earn the Ministry Transformation Continuing Education Certificate which provides you with an official record of completion and can be used to satisfy a credentialing body.

Continuing Education Registration

  • Burnaby, British Columbia
    • Onsite Teaching Intensive: Dec 1-3, 2022 at Willingdon Church

If pursuing graduate credit or a continuing education certificate is more than you need at this time, we invite you to participate in our Teaching Intensive for your personal interest. You’ll gain valuable insights and ideas from leaders in their field and strengthen your personal knowledge and ministry. No assignments or readings are required.


  • Burnaby, British Columbia
    • Onsite Teaching Intensive: Dec 1-3, 2022 at Willingdon Church