How would you respond if someone you know was considering medical assistance in dying?

As Christians, we affirm that life is a gift from God. Yet, people we know in our workplaces, neighbourhoods, and yes, even our churches, are making this choice. How do we uphold our theological position while coming alongside those impacted by MAiD with faithful and compassionate witness?

Join us for a live, online conversation to increase your awareness and build skills for ministering to those in need.

This free event will be streamed online on Tuesday, November 24 from 1:00-2:30 (PST).


This event will be streamed online beginning at 1:00 (PST) on Tuesday, November 24. The conversation will feature three presentations followed by a panel discussion (registrants can submit questions during the event). Register through Eventbrite to receive online access to the event.


Doug Heidebrecht, Associate Professor of Mission and Theology, will examine the biblical themes of life, death, and suffering.

Brian Cooper, Associate Professor of Theology, will speak on the theological and ethical dimensions that flow from the biblical texts.

Gloria Woodland, Assistant Professor of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, will bridge the gap between our theological conclusions and the reality of walking with those impacted by MAiD.

Terry Kaethler, Director of Advancement, will host the MAiD conversation and facilitate the panel discussion with the presenters.

MAiD Course Information

Dr. Gloria Woodland will be teaching a course in early 2021 called Understanding the Scope of Perspectives and Ministry in MAiD (PTH 692). This course is not only available as a 3-credit graduate course, but also for small group study when one individual registers for credit or audit which includes full access to all course content through the Moodle platform (current audit rate for a 3-credit course is $525). Others can join in and form a group at the rate of $40 each, which will include a resource and discussion guide. Those who register for credit or audit will have the ability to screen share the course video lectures to others in a small group setting, either virtually or in-person.

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