What Would Jesus Tweet?

Social media holds pervasive influence on our lives and in our culture today. Much of this influence has been goodrevolutionizing how we communicate, transforming how we get our information, and helping us to connect with one another like never before. Yet, social media has also impacted our attitudes, relationships, and sense of community.

MB Seminary hosted an online conversation on May 18, 2021 to consider how Christians can interact with social media well while navigating its dangers and pitfalls. How can we thrive in this media-saturated world and help nurture and shape our families and friends to healthy interactions that bring about God’s intention of flourishing communities?

A video recording of the three presentations is available below along with the moderated panel discussion.

Video Recording

Bruce Guenther, PhD
Professor of Church History and Mennonite Studies

Brian Cooper, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology

Alisha Stobbe, MFT
Registered Clinical Counsellor, Experience Change Counselling

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