Christianity & Culture

Bruce Guenther, PhD

Associate Dean – Langley
Professor of Church History and Mennonite Studies

THS 680 – Christianity & Culture

The relationship between Christians and culture in North America is variegated, prompting leaders such as Tim Keller to state, “The relationship of Christians to culture is the singular current crisis point for the church.” The course will help Christians understand and interpret culture. It is about understanding the ongoing relationship between Christianity and culture, and how cultural awareness along with critical skills for critiquing culture from a Christian perspective enhances ministry and leadership effectiveness both in the church and within society at large. The first half of the course lays the biblical, theological and historical foundations for a Christian understanding of culture, while the second half of the course is a more practical exploration of specific spheres of culture. The seminar-style course will feature an interdisciplinary range of lectures, readings, and group activities and discussions.

Course dates: January 7-April 9, 2020 (Thursdays) from 11:30-14:10 (PST)
Available onsite in Langley

DATES: October 26-December  19, 2020

LOCATION: ACTS Seminaries (Langley)

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