Training Leaders who Equip the Church

Imagine—our country, our world, transformed by Jesus through healthy and vibrant churches and ministries, filled with biblically-articulate, mission-focused, Spirit-led, and theologically-trained pastors and leaders!

Imagine—the national seminary of the MB Churches of Canada providing 250 churches, more than 550 pastors and 1,500 elders, and countless ministry leaders with theological education and ministry training that is:

  • Nationally distributed and accessible regardless of location or context, 
  • Ministry-focused and culturally applicable, and
  • Built on a sound financial framework that ensures long-term success!

To pursue this dream, MB Seminary comes alongside men and women to educate, equip, and disciple them for life and ministry centred on Jesus and the Bible. We are a Canadian ministry with an international reach, and we are a Mennonite Brethren ministry with multi-denominational relationships.


(the reason we exist)

Core Values

(beliefs and ideals that shape what we do)

Priority Areas

(critical areas for achieving our vision during the next three years)

2018-2021 Strategic Goals 

MB Seminary exists to educate and equip men and women to help lead the church in reaching Canada and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • MB Seminary is centred on Mennonite Brethren theology, values, and practices which are grounded in an integrated evangelical-Anabaptist worldview.
  • MB Seminary emphasizes ministry excellence in all areas, including teaching, leadership, communication, and collaboration.
  • MB Seminary provides culturally relevant education and training that reflects theological integrity and is directly applicable to existing and emerging Christian leaders and churches.
  • MB Seminary prioritizes strategic partnerships with other academic institutions, denominational conferences and ministries, and individual churches.
  • MB Seminary’s financial framework is accessible and transparent, reflects high financial standards, and prioritizes the importance of a balanced budget.

Accessible and Distributed Education
MB Seminary provides education and training that results in transformed lives and ministries, and will increase graduate enrollment, expand into borderless education, and continue to establish teaching and training relationships with churches and partners across Canada and beyond.

Ministry-Focused Theological Leadership
MB Seminary comes alongside Mennonite Brethren churches, ministries, pastors and leaders by creating resources in various forms (print, video, in-person) to address key theological and leadership topics that are relevant to ministry and mission in Canada today.

Sustainable Financial Framework
MB Seminary operates with an annual budget that provides
for ongoing sustainable core ministries and strategic growth, recognizing that significant improvement in development is critical to the seminary’s sustainability and success.

Accessible and Distributed Education

  1. Design and operationalize global training and graduate theological education partnerships with MB Mission and ICOMB.
  2. Increase and expand annual in-person and live-stream MinistryLift participation from 900 learners to 1,500 learners.
  3. Increase cumulative annual MB Seminary enrolment within ACTS, CMU, and Tyndale from 95 students to 150 students.
  4. Increase formal teaching and training relationships from 1 church to 10 churches.
  5. Increase revenue-positive online graduate courses offered through our institutional partnerships from 1 course annually to 10 courses. 

Ministry-Focused Theological Leadership

  1. Develop multiple theological training resources for provincial conferences, churches, and pastors.
  2. Strategically allocate faculty and staff to key constituency roles as part of their community service responsibility. 

Sustainable Financial Framework

  1. Increase annual conference, church, and donor support from$660,000 to $1,000,000.
  2. Increase percentage of Canadian MB churches giving annual financial support from 27% to 50% (120 churches).

Through accessible and distributed education, ministry-focused theological leadership, and a sustainable financial framework, MB Seminary will continue to effectively educate and equip men and women to help lead the church in reaching Canada and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ!