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Shaping Leaders, Changing Lives MB Seminary exists to educate and equip people who help lead the church in reaching Canada and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Advent Devotions

Begin the day with Bible reading and a devotional. You can sign up to receive this resource each day during Advent.

Integrate Online

Learn on your time from any location! Online learning offers a valuable alternative for those who don’t live near one of our partnership locations.

Interpreting Scripture

Discover how the Scriptures, the Spirit, and the interpretive community work together to discern the message and meaning of the Bible.

Be equipped for ministry impact by engaging in a course that fits your context


1955 Nearly 70 years of institutional history

16 Degree or Certificate Options

8 Academic Partnerships


I have discovered a passion for teaching, a love for community hermeneutics, and for the first time in my life, I now believe that I’m worthy of the call to ministry; not because I chose it but because I believe God chose me.

Osayi Aiwekhoe
Ministry Foundations Certificate

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We partner with churches and schools to provide you with course options and degree programs that fit your needs.

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