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Teaching Churches

Teaching Churches are partnerships between MB Seminary and the local church to provide leaders, students and other learners with seminary-quality education and training that is contextualized to their congregation. Learners can earn undergraduate credits, graduate certificates, or even a master’s degree right in their home church! Alternatively, learners can also participate in the teaching workshops for their own personal interest, helping them to serve God and their church more effectively.

MB Focus

All courses are taught by MB Seminary faculty

Accelerated Learning

9-week cohort classes will quicken your pace toward a certificate or degree


Mentor-based relationships will enhance your learning and broaden your ministry application

Learning Options

Students can earn credit (grad or UG) and teaching sessions are offered as workshops for any registrant to attend.

How it works

Learning Options

Each course features a teaching intensive led by the professor and hosted by the Teaching Church. Students enrolled in the course for academic credit (grad or undergrad) must attend the intensive as part of their course requirements. This learning experience is also available as a workshop for any participant (no academic credit). The learning options are compared below.

Personal Interest Participation $100

per workshop

Integrate Teaching Intensive
* Open to any registrant
Graduate Studies Course $975

per course

Integrate Teaching Intensive
Required readings & assignments
3 graduate credits
Each completed course fulfills program requirements for a Certificate or MA degree
* Must be a graduate student
Begin your graduate application
Undergraduate Course $975

per course

Integrate Teaching Intensive
Required readings & assignments
3 undergraduate credits
Earned credits can be transferred to a partner institution
* Must be an undergraduate student
Begin your undergrad application


Academic Degree & Certificate Options

This 4-course certificate provides a rich foundation for immediate ministry impact while serving as an introduction to graduate studies.
This 4-course certificate will equip you to cultivate relationships and develop tools for community discernment.
This 4-course certificate will help you apply your learnings to your missional context.
The Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership is a 48-credit degree that utilizes each graduate certificate and requires 12 additional credits for completion.

Current Teaching Churches

Burnaby, British Columbia

Calgary, Alberta

Steinbach, Manitoba

Waterloo, Ontario

Student Policies

The Academic Calendar contains policies and procedures for MB Seminary Teaching Church courses. Refer to this document for details such as the admissions process, course registration procedures, student fees and refund policies, grading policy, and the community covenant.