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MB Seminary Courses

Course availability is dependant on each of our partnerships. Courses through ACTS Seminaries are offered onsite (Langley, BC) or online (via the ACTS World Campus); courses through a Teaching Church are offered onsite (at church locations); courses through MB Seminary Online are offered online.

Applied Graduating Project

The Applied Graduating Project is a major integrative work that serves as the capstone to...

Building Relationships Across Cultures

How do we build relationships across cultures within our culturally diverse neighbourhoods and church communities?...

Christian Leadership Practices

How do churches develop leaders who are growing in their love for Jesus and their...

Christianity in Culture

The course seeks to lay biblical, theological and historical foundations for Christian understandings of culture...

Contemporary Theological Issues

This course explores a selection of current theological issues. We will reflect briefly on principles...

Exposition of Mark

In this course, we will seek to place the Gospel of Mark in its historical...

Genesis – Back to the Beginning

How does God reveal himself in the Old Testament and what is his relationship to...

Interpreting Scripture Today

How do the Scriptures, the Spirit, and the interpretive community work together to discern the...

MB Convictions – Engaging in Community

If being a Christian is about personally confessing Jesus as Lord, what does it mean...

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2023-24 Course Schedule

CourseProfessorCourse DatesLocationTeaching IntensiveSyllabus
Ministry IntegrationDr. T AndersonSep 2023-Jul 2024Directed StudyNot applicableINT 510
Applied Graduating ProjectDr. T AndersonSep 2023-Aug 2024Directed StudyNot applicableINT 610
Christianity in CultureDr. Bruce GuentherSep 4-Nov 4BurnabySep 28-30, Oct 20THS 680
Interpreting Scripture TodayDr. Mark WessnerNov 6-Jan 6SteinbachNov 17-18BIB 310 (UG) / BIB 510 (Grad)
MB Convictions - Engaging in the WorldDr. Brian CooperNov 13-Jan 13BurnabyNov 30-Dec 2THS 520
Exposition of MarkMichael SzukJan 29-Mar 30BurnabyFeb 8-10BIB 634
Missional DiscipleshipDr. Randy WollfApr 8-Jun 8SteinbachApr 12-13DSC 310 (UG) / DSC 510 (Grad)
Vision and Strategic PlanningDr. Randy WollfApr 15-Jun 15BurnabyMay 2-4LDR 534