ACTS World Campus

Do you feel God’s call to ministry yet struggle to take seminary classes because of time, work, calendar, or geography?

But what if seminary could come to you? Would you step out for God?

ACTS Seminaries is integrating teaching, technology and community in such a way that many of the traditional barriers are removed. With greater accessibility, the ACTS World Campus opens doors to people everywhere to experience seminary education.

Would you join us?

Through the ACTS World Campus you:

  • learn from wherever you are
  • get life training in your life context
  • experience global community
  • earn an MA degree 8 weeks at a time
  • access quality education to equip you for God’s service

Explore your next steps and see how the ACTS World Campus can help you respond to God’s leading–wherever He takes you.

ACTS World Campus Online Courses

CourseDescriptionCreditsInstructorCourse Dates
CLD 534 OLVision, Strategic Planning & Organizational Leadership3Dr. Randy WollfFeb 25-Apr 20
PTH 603 OLPreaching & Communication3Dr. Kent AndersonFeb 25-Apr 20
BNT 659 OLColossians3Dr. Erich EnglerApr 29-Jun 22
BNT 501 OLIntroductory NT Greek 13David SigristApr 29-Jun 22
BOT 501 OLIntroductory Elementary Hebrew 13David SigristApr 29-Jun 22
CLD 531 OLTheology and Practice of Spiritual Leadership3Dr. Roger HellandApr 29-Jun 22
PTH 613 OL Evangelism and Faith Formation3Dr. Randy WollfApr 29-Jun 22
BNT 502 OLIntroductory NT Greek 23David SigristJul 2-Aug 24
BOT 502 OLElementary Hebrew 23David SigristJul 2-Aug 24
BIB 505 OLHermeneutics3Dr. Erich EnglerSep 3-Oct 26
BNT 683 OLRevelation3Dr. Erich EnglerSep 3-Oct 26
BNT 501 OLIntroductory NT Greek 13David SigristSep 3-Oct 26
BNT 605 OLReadings in NT Greek3David SigristSep 3-Oct 26
BOT 501 OLElementary Hebrew 13David SigristSep 3-Oct 26
BOT 605 OLHebrew Readings3David SigristSep 3-Oct 26
CHP 630 OLBiblical and Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy3Dr. Gloria WoodlandSep 3-Oct 26
CLD 510 OLFoundations of Christian Leadership3Dr. Randy WollfSep 3-Oct 26
HIS 541 OLHistory of Christianity 23TBDSep 3-Oct 26
THS 571 OLTheology 13TBDSep 3-Oct 26
BIB 540 OLNew Testament Foundations3Dr. Erich EnglerOct 28-Dec 21
BNT 502 OLIntroductory NT Greek 23David SigristOct 28-Dec 21
BNT 601 OLNT Greek Exegesis 13David SigristOct 28-Dec 21
BOT 502 OLElementary Hebrew 23David SigristOct 28-Dec 21
BOT 530 OLOT Historical Literature (1&2 Samuel)3Dr. Erich EnglerOct 28-Dec 21
BOT 601 OLHebrew Exegesis 13David SigristOct 28-Dec 21
CLD 533 OLMentoring, Team-Building and Equipping3Dr. Randy WollfOct 28-Dec 21

While our courses are semester-based, the instructional portion of World Campus classes is eight weeks in length. All of our classes feature professionally-developed video and course content from leading experts that you can access anytime from anywhere. Forum discussions enhance learning and promote deep and meaningful discussions with your peers. Together, we are a vibrant community of online learners and faculty mentors who have a passion to love God more deeply and serve Him more effectively.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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