When you study at MB Seminary, you can take courses at different locations because of the partnerships we have with schools and churches across Canada.

In Manitoba, we have a longstanding partnership with the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM) at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) in Winnipeg. Our Winnipeg students earn degrees that are conjointly conferred by MB Seminary and CMU.

We use partner services at CMU to help students process tasks such as applying and enroling. Use the tabs above to access this information.

Click here to explore learning options at a different location.

Admission to MB Seminary in Winnipeg is processed through CMU. You can apply by completing the online form that is available here. Please make sure to click the box next to the “CMU-MBBS students” title that appears in Step 2.

Your application will be reviewed once you have submitted all of the required documents.

Click here to begin the online application process through CMU.

Through our partnership with the GSTM, we are able to offer the following programs:

Current courses offered through the GSTM at CMU are listed here.

Courses taught by MB Seminary faculty (open to all MB Seminary students) can be viewed here.

If you’re a current graduate student at CMU, you can register for a course through CMU’s online form.

If you’re not a current student, you need to complete the online application before you can register for a course.

MB Seminary students are eligible to take courses at different partnership locations:

As an MB Seminary student at CMU, you have the option of enroling in courses that do not require you to travel to a classroom. Here are three distance learning options to consider:

  • ACTS World Campus courses allow you to earn a master’s degree eight-weeks at a time through the ACTS consortium. Each class features professionally-developed video and course content from leading experts that you can access anytime from anywhere. Forum discussions enhance learning and promote deep and meaningful discussions with your peers.
  • MB Seminary online courses are specifically designed to help you fulfill your degree requirements without needing to travel to a different location. Instead of using recorded lectures (like the ACTS World Campus), these courses use online meetings and forum discussions to facilitate student reflection and learning. These courses are available to MB Seminary students from any partner school (e.g. you can take an online course available at the ACTS Seminaries consortium).
  • Live-stream courses provide you with the sights and sounds of the classroom while your class is in session. As a live-streaming student, you will be able to enable your online camera and microphone to interact with your professor and classmates. Courses are offered via live-stream through CMU and the ACTS consortium (each school uses “LS” in the course number to denote live-stream).

Tuition and student fees are determined by the GSTM at CMU and every effort is made to make your education financially possible.

View the current rates on the CMU website which also includes information on financial aid.


Education requires time and money. Thanks to funds provided by generous donors, MB Seminary is able to provide funding that recognizes academic excellence and/or financial need.

MB Seminary students may be eligible to receive funding in several ways. Click here to learn about MB Seminary awards, the Leadership Training Matching Grant, and other scholarships, funds, and bursaries.

Students enroled at the GSTM may also be eligible for CMU financial aid as well as scholarships and bursaries.