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How to Read the Bible 8 Keys to Unlock the Message of Scripture

April 14-15, 2023
Prince George, BC
How can we read the Bible well so we can live out its message with wisdom and faithfulness?

In this weekend seminar, you will develop a greater understanding of the origin and development of the Bible, as well as its historical, literary, theological, and confessional value. The eight keys to unlocking the message of the Bible will equip you with the skills to carefully read and interpret it well.

Event Schedule


7:00-9:00 PM


9:00 AM-4:00 PM
  • History, Development, and Transmission of the Bible
  • Translations of the Bible
  • MB Interpretation of Scripture
  • Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom
  • Narrative Passages
  • Stories about and by Jesus
  • Old Testament Law and Prophetic Writing
  • Personal and Communal Letters

Mark Wessner

The common threads in much of Mark’s experience and education are leadership, teaching, and spiritual formation. Mark is passionate about helping others effectively integrate biblical studies and leadership in their daily lives, in the local church, and in the marketplace.

Prior to becoming President of MB Seminary (2016-present), Mark was a pastor at Westwood Church in Prince George (2006-2016) and a regional manager for the provincial government in the area of land development (1993-2006). Mark has taught at public, private, and Christian universities, both in the classroom and online. In addition, Mark has been a chaplain in hospital, prison, and university sports contexts.

President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership

Mark Wessner, PhD

President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership


This event is open to anyone who wants to better understand and live out the message of the Bible.
Hosted at Westwood Church in Prince George, B.C. on April 14-15, 2023.
Registration: $50/person