Navigate Bible Conference

Many people think of the book of Ruth as one of the most beautiful short stories ever written. We feel inspired by the way two destitute widows cope with their lot in life, and we are delighted to see that the story ends well for them. But few of us are aware that the reason this book is included in our Bible is much loftier and more profound than this!

The Navigate Bible Conference was hosted at Clearbrook MB Church as a weekend conference and was also available as a three-credit graduate course (an elective in MB Seminary’s graduate certificate program).

Friday evening

  • Introduction
    • Ruth 1:1-5
  • Act I: In the Land of Moab: The Emptying of Naomi
    • The Crisis for the Royal Line; 1:6-22


  • Act II: In the Field of Bethlehem: Ruth’s First Encounter with Boaz
    • The Ray of Hope for the Royal Line; 2:1-23
  • Act III: At the Threshing Floor: Ruth’s Second Encounter with Boaz
    • The Complication for the Royal Line; 3:1-18
  • Act IV: In the Town of Bethlehem: The Refilling of Naomi
    • The Resolution of the Crisis for the Royal Line; 4:1-17
  • Conclusion
    • 4:18-22
    • Tying up Loose Ends Theologically and Ethically

Daniel I. Block, PhD, is Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at MB Seminary. He is the author of many books and his research has focused on the books of Deuteronomy, Ezekiel, Ruth, and Judges.

NAVIGATE is MB Seminary’s medium for engaging in topics of faith and life relevant to our churches and community. As we seek to open dialogue on critical issues that intersect church and culture, we invite you to explore alongside, enter into the conversation, and become empowered and equipped to make a difference in the world around you.