Another Counselor

Saturday: Fourth Week of Lent
John 14:15-31

How do we connect the Wonderful Counselor of Isaiah 9:6 with the promise of the Counselor in John 14:16?

In preparation for His death, Jesus gave attention to preparing His disciples for life and ministry when He wouldn’t be with them in the same way. Up to His ascension and departure, Jesus was Teacher and Counselor for the disciples, guiding them into truth. He was their Wonderful Counselor. In anticipation of His departure, He taught His disciples that they would not be left alone, but that another Counselor, another Teacher would be given them, namely the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave significant attention to teaching about the Spirit in His last days.

John’s Gospel captures that teaching, with John 14:16 as a key verse. It is a Trinitarian emphasis, with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all reflected in this one, short verse.

The promise is that the Counselor will be with us forever. And the role of the Counselor is to be an advocate on our behalf. One translation uses the title “Advocate” as the primary way of defining what it means to be our Counselor. Another translation uses the word “Comforter.” And yet, others use the word “Helper.” In putting them all together, we could speak of our Counselor-Advocate-Comforter-Helper! Not only is He with us forever, but also He stands alongside of us, to help, especially in guiding us to the truth. And at the core of all truth is none other than the second person of the Trinity, Jesus, who among other names, identified Himself as the “Way, the Truth, and the Life” (14:6). A primary role of the Spirit Counselor is to take us back to Jesus the Wonderful Counselor, the Truth, and in so doing, bring glory to Him (16:14).

In what specific ways do you see the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, bringing the Wonderful Counselor to your attention?


Harry Strauss is Associate Pastor at Forest Grove Community Church in Saskatoon, SK.

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