What Do You Need To Believe?

Good Friday
John 20:19-31

Have you ever heard someone talk about Jesus like He was there in the room and found yourself doubting if that could really be the case?

At times, we’re all skeptics. We all tend to doubt those things that fall outside normal reality—or at least what we perceive to be normal reality. Thomas was no different than many of us. Given the unbelievable story of Jesus reportedly being alive but actually showing up physically within a locked room, is it any wonder he doubted? It seemed like fiction for him to believe.

And like many of us who doubt the veracity of God doing something miraculous in our day, Thomas blurted out: “I won’t believe it unless I see the nail wounds in his hands, put my fingers into them, and place my hand into the wound in his side” (20:25).

Eight days later Jesus shows up again. And He gives Thomas what he needs to believe—to see and feel the nail scars in His hands and His side. Jesus wants Thomas to believe! He wants Thomas to know, without a doubt, that He is alive and so He gives Thomas what he needs to believe.

Yes, Jesus says that there is blessing for those who don’t see physical evidence and yet still believe. And we tend to highlight that in contrast to Thomas’ doubt. But, Jesus—though He chides Thomas for his lack of faith and his need to see to believe—still gives Thomas what he needs so that he will believe.

What do you need Jesus to show you during this season of Lent? What evidence do you need to be assured of His presence with you? Ask Him for what you need.


Gareth J. Goossen is Pastor of Seniors Ministry at WMB Church in Waterloo, ON.

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