Good Morning!

Easter Sunday
John 21:15-25

How many times have you and I used the phrase “good morning,” but without any real meaning behind our words? Often “good morning” is an autopilot greeting, isn’t it?

But that morning, two thousand years ago on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, was so good, as the sun was rising over the Gadarene hills to the east! Jesus was alive! And not only was He alive, He had appeared to the disciples again and orchestrated an incredible catch of fish for them. It was a great morning!

After their breakfast together, Jesus turned His focus to Peter. Ah, the history between Jesus and Peter—intense, impulsive, and at times, unclear.

Our reading can be unclear at times. What, exactly, was the purpose of Jesus’ three “do you love me” questions? What was the significance of Jesus’ three corresponding commands? And what was with Peter’s concern about one of the other disciples?

One imperative is clear: “Follow me” (21:19).

The last time Peter had followed Jesus was on the way to the high priest’s courtyard. And we know what happened there. However, this morning represented a new opportunity. It was a chance to restart. It was an invitation to respond, again, to Jesus’ call to follow Him.

You’ve walked through the waiting of Lent and now that it’s Easter morning, you might need a fresh start. You might need to reengage with the call of Jesus on your life. Perhaps you and I have had a few “Peter moments” where our faithfulness to Jesus and His mission has been a bit of a struggle. Or perhaps, like Peter, not everything about following Jesus is clear.

No matter your past, today is a new day. It is Resurrection Sunday! This morning, and every morning, is a fresh opportunity to respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him into newness of life!

Our risen Saviour is calling each of us today. Will you follow Him and make today a truly “good morning”?


Mark Wessner is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership and President of MB Seminary.

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