Can You Take The Answer?

Wednesday: Third Week of Lent
John 10:22-42

Have you ever asked a question of someone, and then didn’t like their answer?

Here are a few examples: “What do you think of my new girlfriend?” or “How do you like my new hairdo?” We don’t like the answers because our minds are already made up before we ask the question.

We do this with God at times. When we ask “why?” we really don’t want to hear about things we need to change, or we don’t want to hear Him say, “Because it’s best for you.” When we ask “how?” we don’t want to hear, “It will be difficult, but trust Me.”

Sometimes we already know the answer, but we still hope for an answer that suits our desires. That was the case with those who asked Jesus, “Who are you” (10:24)? Jesus said, “You know the answer. I’ve already told you. The evidence is all around you. You know the answer but you just don’t want to believe” (10:25).

The Jews who questioned Jesus hated the answer that Jesus was the Messiah because it meant giving up their agenda and losing control over their lives. They hated to admit that they had been wrong, that they too were sinners needing God’s help.

“Who are you, Jesus?” is actually the most important question we could ask. We can’t make up our own answer to such a question. He already told us: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (14:6). If we accept that answer, we often ask: “How much do you want?” And we struggle when the answer is “everything.” But the evidence all around us is that He can be trusted with everything. It is worth it .

What answer from God do you struggle with? Can you see the evidence?


Ron Berg is Lead Pastor at Clearbrook MB Church in Abbotsford, BC.

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