Come And See!

Friday After Ash Wednesday
John 1:35-51

What was the last event that you saw or experienced that you couldn’t keep to yourself and so you shared it, showed it, tweeted it?

Such a sense overcame some of the first disciples when they first met Jesus. John saw Jesus walking and said to two of his own disciples, “Look! There is the Lamb of God” (1:36)! Andrew went to tell his brother Simon and Philip told Nathanael (1:41, 45). Nathanael had his doubts, but Philip urged him, “Come and see for yourself” (1:46)!

Then it was Jesus’ turn to say “Come and see!” He told Nathanael that he would see heaven open. And it did! In Jesus, heaven came to earth. The disciples saw heaven opening up as Jesus turned water into wine, fed crowds with a few loaves and fish, healed the sick, walked on water, and rose from the dead!

Jesus still invites us to come and see. Where Jesus is present we see people forgiving one another and divisions dissolving between people groups. We see solidarity with the poor and marginalized, healing for those who have been abused, and recovery from addictions. We see a warm welcome to those in need of a safe country. We see care for the earth and its bountiful resources. We see peacemaking at home and around the world.

Evidence of Jesus bringing heaven to earth is all around us. Come and see!

As you follow Jesus, what do you see?


Melanie Unger is Associate Pastor at FaithWorks in Winnipeg, MB.

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