Go Deeper

Wednesday: Second Week of Lent
John 7:1-24

Recall a time when you were told (or told others) to “go or dig deeper.” What was the cost and benefit of doing so?

Several years ago my family had the chance to spend a few days camping out at Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. During the evening interpretive program the park guide shared with us stories and pictures of the incredible marine life waiting to be explored for those willing to venture into the intertidal zone. We were told that the deeper the tidal zone, the more abundant, diverse, and colourful were the treasures awaiting our discovery. The good news, our guide told us, was that some of the lowest tides of the season would be happening exactly when we were there. The bad news was that all of the lowest tides during our time there would be at extremely un-holiday-like hours! So as we headed to our tent for the night we agonized over the gap between how much we wanted to see the depths of marine life and how early we were willing to get out of bed.

It reminded me of discussions people were having over Jesus. In the opening of John’s Gospel, our interpretive guide, tells us in advance about Jesus and how “in him was life” (1:4) of a kind that was “more and better life than they ever dreamed of” (10:10). But there were costly timing issues that needed to be faced (7:3-9), and peer pressures that needed to be overcome (7:10-13).

Experiencing the depth of life that Jesus offers is not possible without getting in sync with Jesus Himself. Insisting that our timing and our way of doing things is the right way (because that’s the way we’ve always done it—7:22-24) will confine us to a shallow and superficial life. So Jesus invites us all to go deeper with Him.

What would it mean for you to “go or dig deeper” with Jesus?


David Esau is Lead Pastor at Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship in Coquitlam, BC.

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