Sudden-Death Win(s)

Monday: Fourth Week of Lent
John 12:20-36

Have you ever predicted something?

A boy boldly touted, “Dad. I know which team will win!” His father asked, “Which one?” He said, “The one with the most goals!”

Jesus told His disciples He soon would be glorified by dying. To illustrate His death He spoke of a kernel of wheat dying in the ground. But Jesus’ death for all of humanity wasn’t as painless as watching a stock of wheat reach skyward. He would die, on a cross.

Facing that trial He is troubled. But He reaffirms His faithfulness to the Father and recommits to Him being glorified. He knows what will happen through His death. In verse thirty-two Jesus says, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” He did die. But the game wasn’t over.

Jesus forecasts His death. Then He assured His disciples that He would rise from among the dead. Through His death and resurrection He would draw many people to Himself. Yes, there would be a harvest of many seeds because the greatest Seed gave up His life for us all.

Our Lord and Saviour scored a goal no one else could. He defeated Satan and rescued us from the reign of sin. He overcame death and now shares His eternal life with us. He provided forgiveness of sins so we can be reconciled to God. As we die and live through faith and service we “win” and enjoy forever the blessings of His suffering and victory!

People want to see Jesus (12:21). More than a game, they need to see Jesus in and through His people. They need to be drawn to the Lord in our churches and called to follow Him with us.

Look around you. Who is Jesus drawing to Himself?


Laurence Hiebert is Pastor at Mountainview Grace Church in Calgary, AB.

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