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“Throughout John’s Gospel, many people become initial believers, but their initial faith proves insufficient without perseverance. John’s goal is not simply initial faith but persevering faith, discipleship. John’s purpose is to address believers at a lesser stage of discipleship and to invite them to persevere as true disciples” (Craig Keener, The Gospel of John, 1216). Keener’s observation is insightful, and is at the heart of why MB Seminary is offering this resource. It is wonderful to have an initial faith, but the church today needs to invite people into the long walk of following Jesus.

Whether you call it the “season of Lent” or “the weeks leading up to Easter,” we invite you to take the time to read through the Gospel of John with us beginning on Ash Wednesday. You will find insightful and engaging stories that will deepen your understanding of this magnificent account of Jesus, King of the Jews, Savior of the world, friend to sinners, the One who breaks bread with us on the beach and restores our soul.

Read these devotionals on your own, share them with a friend, or discuss them as a family or small group. This devotional book will guide the reader through the entire Gospel of John in forty-seven days, ending at and celebrating Easter on the beach with Jesus and the ones He called to feed His sheep.

Special thanks to the individuals from MB churches across Canada that took the time to contribute to this resource.

We hope you enjoy this book and that you are impacted by the stories, insights, and wisdom of your MB family. But most of all, we hope the theme of BELIEVE will be refreshing for you, and lead you down the path to a greater discipleship of our Lord Jesus Christ.


MB Seminary Team


Starting tomorrow, return to this page each day to follow along reading through the entire Gospel of John. If you prefer, you can purchase your own electronic copy for $2.99 from the Amazon Kindle store (click on link below).

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