MB Seminary Board Update

Collaboration on leadership development 

We’re eager to collaborate with our provinces, schools, and ministry agencies toward a new way of encouraging leadership development! This was one of the key outcomes of extensive conversations with Elton DaSilva, our National Ministry Director, at MB Seminary’s Board of Directors meetings that were held on November 15-17. 

Financial Update 

Our Board was pleased to receive a clean audit report for the 2017/2018 fiscal year and we took time to monitor our annual finances for this current year. Thanks to the support of churches and donors—as well as the work of our administration—we are on track with our budget for this year.

Board Strengths 

We used the StrengthsFinder inventory to invest in our learning and development. Board members noted their personal talents/strengths as well as the mix of strengths we currently have on our Board. We discovered our collective strengths are in the areas of execution, strategic thinking, and relationship-building.


We noted a rapidly developing network of partnerships. In addition to the more substantial partnerships with ACTS Seminaries in Langley and CMU in Winnipeg, MB Seminary now also has agreements with Tyndale Seminary in Toronto and Horizon College and Seminary in Saskatoon. Several churches have also expressed strong interest in having the Seminary present courses or workshops at their sites. Our partnership with MB Mission in providing theological education for national leaders in various ICOMB conferences is also an exciting frontier. Finally, our faculty and staff work in support of the goals of the National Faith and Life Team (NFLT, formerly the Board of Faith and Life), helping them prepare their documents and events.

Student Enrolment 

Enrolment in our various centers is up slightly and we look forward to working with our churches to discern the next generation of leaders and pastors. The church is our “calling base”. 

Current Publications 

Our 2018 Advent Devotions book has been released and it is already sold out. Work is underway on the 2019 Easter Devotions book. The December edition of MB Seminary CONNECT is also available. 

Prayer Requests 

Our Board asks you to keep our faculty, staff, and students in your prayers and particularly for God’s guidance in the appointment of a Director of Advancement. If you have items of concern or suggestions, we welcome you to contact President Mark Wessner.  

[Ron Penner is the Board Chair of MB Seminary



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