Finding Water

Wednesday: First Week of Lent
John 4:1-42

What would happen if all the water in the world disappeared today?

As a child I spent a summer at my grandparents’ home in farm country. One hot and dry summer day, water in the fields was low. I recall my Grandmother taking me out to a neighbor’s field to watch a man (called a Water Dowser) search for underground springs. Once these hidden springs were found, a well could be dug to supply the farm with fresh water.

I stood with my Grandmother and watched as the Water Dowser took a Y-shaped branch, and while holding the arms of the Y and pointing the stem towards the dry earth, walked slowly over the field. Grandma explained to me that when the Y-shaped branch was above water it would start to tremble.

Jesus said, “the water I give will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (4:14b). In Christ, we have a continual source of living water and “whoever drinks this water will never thirst again” (4:14a).

During the summer at my grandparents I learned about drought and the extreme lengths people would go to find water—even when it was a temporary source. In Christ I have learned about the continual source of living water springing up into eternal life.

Through Christ we can know the living water; we can be cleansed and forgiven in order to live for Him. In that forgiveness we need never thirst again. The message given to the Samaritan woman is also for you and for me. Jesus continues to be the fount of living water and He continues to make it available for us.

When has Jesus provided the living water for you in your life? Share your experience.


Gloria J. Woodland is Assistant Professor of Chaplaincy Studies and Spiritual Care at MB Seminary and Chaplaincy Program Director at ACTS Seminaries and is a part of The Willows Community Church in Langley, BC.

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