Making Room

Thursday: Fourth Week of Lent
John 13:21-38

What is your favourite memory of gathering around the kitchen table?

Several years ago I purchased a new kitchen table. It’s the kind of table that makes me smile because it is the heart of our home! There’s just something about a dining table and all it witnesses: gathering, talking, eating, laughing, and loving. There is real significance in gathering around the table.

In our reading we’re introduced to Jesus and His apostles gathered around a table. Imagine the scene, as it is the last meal Jesus will share with these men—men He has poured His life into for the last three years. There is a whole range of emotions. Jesus is troubled in His spirit. His heart is aching. Jesus continues to love, despite knowing what is to follow.

Jesus invites Judas to the meal, then washes his feet, gives him the seat of honour, shares bread with him as a gesture of love and friendship, and tells Judas that He knows what he is planning. Even in this He does so discreetly and intimately.

Jesus made room at the table for Judas, a man we would deem so underserving. He did so extending dignity. This is the awesome love of our Savior! As we wait in anticipation we must also extend love selflessly, sacrificially, and forgivingly, as Jesus has shown us. We are called to make room at our tables, especially for those who we view as undeserving, vulnerable, and marginalized. Jesus has made room at the table for us too and we are so underserving! How can we not do the same for others?

Is there someone in your life that you need to extend the love of Jesus to?

Do you have room at your table for this person?


Shannon Girard is Youth and Family Pastor at Community Fellowship Church in Newton, MB.

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