Yuck Chores!

Wednesday: Fourth Week of Lent
John 13:1-20

What household chore is your least favourite? Cleaning your room? Washing the dishes? Cleaning up after the dog?

Chores aren’t always fun! They can be boring, or hard, or yucky. But we all do them, because we love our families, and we take turns helping because that’s what families do! We help each other out!

In the reading, Jesus took on a pretty yucky chore—He washed all His friends’ feet! His buddies had been walking around in the hot sun all day in their sandals, getting their feet all sweaty and dirty and smelly and gross, and yet because Jesus loved them and wanted to help them, He took a tub and washed those stinky, slimy feet until they were nice and clean and fresh!

I’ll bet Jesus’ friends were happy that He had helped them! And I’ll bet Jesus felt good having helped His friends out!

Jesus is our Lord, which means that He’s the boss—He’s in charge! And even though He is the boss, He still took time to help His friends out. And as He did this chore, Jesus showed us that we must take the time to help one another also. If He could do it, so should we!

When we help people out like this, it shows them that we love them and care about them. It also helps keep us safe from being selfish because we are putting someone else’s needs above our own. It also makes Jesus happy because we are doing what He did, and what He has asked us to do!

As you think about your family at home, or your friends, or the other students at school, what’s one way that you could help someone out today?


Chris Walker is Teaching Pastor at Meadow Brook Church in Leamington, ON.

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