MB Seminary Organizational Update

June 8, 2019

On April 3, MB Seminary leadership reported a difficult financial situation: after four years of deficits financed by reserves and declining financial support, the Board determined that this was the time to make significant reductions to our costs in order to balance the budget by the next fiscal year. We believed the Seminary needed to take such action to remain solvent and to become sustainable. Since most of our expenses are in payroll, a significant reduction in expenses had to come from payroll. Some vacant posts were not filled, but further reduction in faculty and staff positions was also required. Reluctantly, the decision was made to terminate the positions filled by Bruce Guenther and Eugene Klassen and to cease funding for Pierre Gilbert’s secondment to the Seminary.

This decision led to deep sadness and pain for those who love the people, ministries, and mission of our Seminary. These have been very difficult days for each of us, especially for those whose jobs have been affected.

However, especially during times of uncertainty, God still moves, often in unexpected ways. We are happy to announce that by means of an incredibly generous donation of $250,000 per year for two years from an anonymous group of donors and advocates, the Seminary’s financial situation has changed, and we are pleased that both Bruce Guenther and Pierre Gilbert have agreed to rejoin our faculty team. In addition, we expect to be able to balance the 2020/21 Seminary budget.

There is still great need for increased ongoing financial support for the Seminary from across the country to avoid such a situation in the future. In this moment, however, please join us in thanking God for stirring vision, and for generous hearts throughout Canada! We look forward to continuing to work with our MB family to provide ministry leadership education and training in the years to come.

[Mark Wessner is President of MB Seminary..


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