We Need Help!

Tuesday: Fifth Week of Lent
John 15:26-16:15

Would you rather need help with something you can’t physically do or need help with something you can’t figure out? Why?

It is humbling, and some would even say humiliating, to admit we need help. The truth is that we all need help in many ways. It is wise to ask for help when we ask someone who is capable.

The reading speaks of “the Spirit of truth” (15:26). Jesus also shares that He says these things so that we will not stumble (16:1). Believing lies about God will cause life for us to fall. Life can be confusing. Lies can look like truth. Lies make promises they can’t keep.

Plastic tubing will hold some weight but will stretch and then break when asked to hold too much. The same plastic tubing with a cable in it will hold many times more weight. Though they can look similar they are very different. Imagine being a window washer on a high-rise building. Would you rather trust the plastic tubing alone or the one with metal cable in it to hold your work platform?

Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to guide His disciples through life. The Holy Spirit can be fully trusted because He always speaks the truth. It should bring great comfort to us to know He is always with us and that He will never lie. Believing we don’t need God’s guidance and help in life is like trusting in plastic tubing. Other people and even our best thinking will fail. God’s guidance will always prove to be strong.

What do you need guidance for this week? Take the time to share several ways that you will trust “the Spirit of truth” to lead you and guide you.


Gary Burke is Lead Pastor of Coaldale MB Church in Coaldale, AB.

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